Sunday, June 8, 2008

the beach was incredible this morning after the storm. I took my camera but the batteries were dead. it took me awhile to realize that I had my sketchbook, too, and I sat and drew this picture.
more storms this afternoon and more coming this evening. 
I wrote:
"There was a huge, magnificent storm last night and the evidence is everywhere here. Rivulets and huge canyons carved by the force of the water rushing up the beach and then back gain.  The sand intricately reflects the movement.  Tiny ridges, branching lines. The morning light raking across the sand creates shadow that punctuate them.
The air is so clean. The wind is fresh. The bach has once again been made new, baptized in the rain and the magnificent dance of the lake.
Footprints tell me that a child walked this beach with an adult this morning and I walked in tandem for awhile.  Would that I could also inhabit her eyes.
As happens so often I think of the people I have loved who have been here with me.
I think these words:

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annie hagar said...

your drawing compliments your words nicely, ma. glad to know you're working.